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Case Study 2

Case Study: Barcode Integration with EMR

Largest Pediatric Clinic

  • Largest Pediatric practice in Georgia, USA
  • Distributed EMR 9.8 environment with 5 locations
  • Complex environment with third party software(s)


  • Manual data entry of patient medication details into EMR and other records
  • Errors in tedious data entry into EMR system
  • Additional hours/effort needed from hospital/clinic resources for manual data entry
  • Reports to state is a manual labor job every week
  • Billing is delayed because of insufficient and incorrect data

TriNet Services

  • Successfully implemented Barcode/scanner based application with EMR
  • Generated Barcode labels for vaccines for faster data update for patients
  • Industry standard HL7 integration with EMR
  • Patient medication details updated into document section within seconds
  • Generated reports within Barcode application
  • Provided complete Barcode application implementation and integration with EMR


  • No Manual data entry for vaccines details. e.g. NDC code, Lot Number, Manufacturer, expiry date, etc.
  • Clean error free data in to EMR
  • Blessings from the Nurses as it avoided hours of boring manual data entry into EMR
  • Faster billing cycles
  • State required report generations within seconds
  • Medication/Vial inventory management


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