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Client: Large Pediatric Clinic (GE EMR 9.8) with over 25 physicians located at multiple sites across the state.

Before SRX:

  • One of the largest pediatrics clinic in a state performed manual data entry of vaccine and non-vaccine details in to EMR.
  • Nurses spent extra 3-4 hours a day to enter each vaccine/non-vaccine details into EMR. Tons of data entry errors because of complicated data including NDC code, vaccine name, company name, expiration date, patient demographics, etc.
  • No proper reporting for internal use or state use.
  • No inventory management

After SRX:

  • No manual data entry into EMR
  • Clean patient/medication data into EMR within 1-2 seconds.
  • No Extra hours spent by nurses at the clinic. Yearly saving of $250,000.00 by not spending additional hours every day for manual data entry into EMR, weekly or monthly manual reporting and data correction/cleansing.
  • Detailed reporting by location or hub
  • Complete inventory management


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